Forest Series

Forest – Ups and Downs


Foliage of tree and bushes at the end of summer, into the forest of the Natural Park De Veluwe, The Netherlands.

Forest in Summer, De Veluwe, 2014.

Morning's golden light into the woods lighting tree trunks and broken branches on the ground, at the beginning of autumn, into the forest of Ardennes, Belgium.

Forest in Autumn, Ardennes, 2015

Looking up a Tree at the summer.

Gustavo’s tree, 2015.

Looking Up into the trees. Kralingse bos, Rotterdam.

Into the woods (falling), 2015.

A white slide in the middle of water on a misty morning. Kralingse Plas, Rotterdam.

Glijbaan, Rotterdam, 2015.

A tree trunk like a human body in the forest.

Body of tree, 2015.

Starry sky from the forest, Ardennes, Belgium.

Our stars, Ardennes, 2015.

A wood ladder in the middle of the forest, in Ardennes, Belgium.

Stairway to Nowhere, Ardennes, 2015.


Rest of plants embrace a tree trunk, their black fibers trace lines like a painting on a golden trunk.

Art of Nature, 2015.

Shadow of tree on a wet red pavement on Christmas day.

Wet tree shadows, 2014.

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