“I make images for seekers and dreamers to reconnect with everything that makes us human.”

Valeria Prosseda was born in 1973 in Argentina. Daughter of an Argentinian mother and an Italian father. She grew up in Mar del Plata, near the sea. From an early age, she showed her interest in the arts — drawing, painting, music, and poetry—, as well as a fascination with the images of the world, her love of nature and curiosity for empty spaces. Although she thought of being an anthropologist or astronomer, her vocation led her to study architecture. She was a teacher of architectural design and worked in offices of architecture.
When she settled in Netherlands in 2003, she began to feel an attraction for painting again. Her experience of living in a new land was “like born again”. The great visual contrast and mood effects between the vivid spring colors of nature and the Nordic light of the Dutch winters struck her. She made realistic watercolor renderings of dog portraits, natural and rural landscapes. In 2005, she started painting with acrylic paint on canvas and her work became more figurative. Also began her attraction for the digital arts.
Valeria traveled often through Netherlands and Europe. She met artists. And in every place, she rediscovered those images of the world she always admired and discovered new inspirations. However, she also lived a period of introspection. Uprooting and other experiences influenced her interest in psychological and philosophical issues related to identity, relationships, diversity, empathy, and duality. Since 2014 the walks with her dog became a new source of inspiration for her landscapes. Develops a great connection with nature and her surroundings. Currently, she makes abstract formalist paintings with shapes and colors; images from nature and contemplative still moments, based on the abstraction of forms.
In 2003, she started to use a camera to keep a personal record of her travels and life. Friedlander and Joel Stenferd’s exhibitions at FOAM (2011-2012) in Amsterdam influenced her photographic vision as well as the work of Harry Callaham. Due to her interest in spaces and places, she studied Urban Landscapes (Non-Places) photography focusing on the works of The New Topographics, The Becher’s Dusseldorf School and other contemporary artists. Sense of place, contemporary life, still life, nature and abstract are the subjects matter of her photographic work.
Diverse works — in painting, photography and digital art — have been exhibited in several cities in Netherlands.
Valeria lives and works in Rotterdam.
(2014-2015) Urban Landscapes (Non-Places) photography by Sander van Wettum. SKVR Rotterdam. The Netherlands.
(2003-present) Painting, Photography, Design and Digital arts. Modern and Contemporary Art and Arts and new technologies. Self-education
(1993-2001) Architecture and Urban Design at the National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina.
2019 Van muze tot scheppende kunstenaar. Instituto Cervantes. Utrecht. The Netherlands.
2018 – Artbox.Projects New York 1.0, Stricoff Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA.
2016 – Winter Expositie. Galerie van Harinxma, Beetsterwzaag, The Netherlands.
2016 – Collective exhibition of Argentinian artist resident in the Netherlands. Nieuw Allardsoog, Bakkeveen, The Netherlands.
2016 – PAUSE – Conscious Design Pop up. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2015 – Collective exhibition of Argentinian artist resident in the Netherlands. Instituto Cervantes. Utrecht. The Netherlands.